School History



The friends Church that worshipped at Lirhanda moved to Musingu in 1920 and was at Musingu tree.  The tree was both a place of worship and acted as a class.  The school was known as ’A’ and ’B’ school equivalent to a nursery school, after that, one would proceed to class 1 and 2.

A church was built in 1922 where current administration block is and it served both as a church and as a classroom.  The contruction of the current main church at the present site started in 1936.  This was to pave way for the expansion of the school.  By 1940, the construction was over.  The two chuirches (former and new) were used as classrooms.  The school comprised of a 'A' school and 'B' school together with the sector school up to class three then one would sit the elementary exam after which they would sit the Common Entry Exam (C.E.E.) to go to primary school in Kaimosi, Kiima, Maseno and Kakamega.

In 1945-1948 a school called Junior Secondary was started and it was headed by Mr. Simeon Litsanga Isabwa and an exam was done in form two.  The graduates of education went to work with Kenya Railways and Posta.  From 1942, people started moving to allow space for the construction of the school.  The school was for Idakho and Isukha communities who were united by the church.

In 1949, the Junior school was discontinued to allow the creation of intermediate classes (5-8), the Headmaster was Mr. Benjamin Shitsukane Ngaira and the school's registration number was 404.  Other teachers included:

  • Mr. Thomas Ganira Lung'aho
  • Mrs Solome Nolga
  • Mr. Seth Lugonzo

In 1963,Mr. Seth Lugonzo was sacked from teaching because of his association with KNUT.  The same year, many pupils sat and passed the class seven exams but there wetre no school to join.  A community delegation led by Mr. Noah Adema met the P.E.O. (The Provincial Education Officer.  Mr. Isabwa decided to start a Secondary School (Harambee or unaided) specifically for Isukha and Idakho.  Mr. Seth Lugonzo was recalled by the community to head the Secondary School that started in June, 1964.

The first BOG members were as follows:-

  • Mr. Francis Andabwa      -       Chairman
  • Mr. Noah Adema           -       Treasurer
  • Mr. Seth Lugonzo          -       Secretary

The government took over the school in 1965 and there were admissions from over the country.  This left the locals disadvantaged.  A community delegation went to the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education (Mr. Githinji) who allowed a stream specifically for locals (20 Isukhas and 20 Idakhos).

The local children were day scholars but it became hard for them since some came from far away places.  There was need for them to be boarders.  The community led by Mr. Adema agreed to make a dormitory for them.  The dormitories which costed Ksh.27,000.00 were Harambee and Jamhuri specifically for locals.  These two dormitories are still in school to date.  The Principal by then was Mr. Bwosi Manase.  In 1964, the Vice President (Mr. Odinga Oginga) was the Guest of Honour in a harambee that he gave Ksh.2,000.00  Recently, a fifth stream was added in 2004 to meet the increasing demand for admission with now a total of 1060 students.  We have 20 new classes with six functional laboratories, Electricity and Power Mechanics workshops, Music and Art rooms.  Two laboratories with 60 computers and a modern administration block.  A modern basketball court, 16 seater school van, additional bathrooms.








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