I am indeed humbled to serve as the chairman of Parents-Teachers Association of Musingu High school. I am delighted to make remarks in this website.

It’s with great honour that I have served Musingu high School for now the 3rd year where I have always ensured that a proper Academic Base is maintained through Prudent extra Academic Policies and Planning.

I wish to note with a lot of satification that in the year 2012, our school registered a great success in KSCE performance with a mean score of 8.5.first with a lot of humility, I wish to thank our almighty God for giving us such a good result. I also wish to appreciate the input of the BOG, PTA, Teachers and 2012 candidates and all our stakeholders of the school for good performance.

I wish to thank the parents and guardians for their material and moral support at all times, please continue with the same spirit for future of our children. The active involvement of parents and guardians is a deliberate effort to take care for the education of our children. It is important to note, therefore, we educate children to meet their long range needs, in their prime age, as they continue to grow up. This forms the required matrix for the crucial day-to-day rolling programmes of the school. The principal’s office has not been left behind in promoting harmonious working relations in the school and with other stake holders.

As the school celebrates its social excellence and academic achievements we must strive to uphold the high standard of facilities and equipment facilitating the process of learning in Musingu. A five year strategic plan to cover the period 2013 to 2017 is in place. This strategic plan was intended to address among others: Staff development, improved school facilities, improved students’ academic performance, improved Public and other institutions of learning relationships and more parents’ participation in school activities. All these are aimed at meeting challenges such as increasing students’ enrolment, stiff competition in education sector and national Socio-economic order.

Finally, it cannot be gainsaid that Musingu High school has grown into a major repository of knowledge and spiritual growth boasting a successful Alumni. I will fail if I conclude without sincerely thanking all persons who have walked and continue walking with the school over the years and who to date provide their unwavering support, to wit, the Academic, Administrative and Support staff of Musingu High School, the P.T.A; its Committees, Class representatives, the Quakers church, and most important of all, all the parents.

I wish you good reading!




1 1A
2 1B
3 1G
4 1R
5 1W
6Mr. John I. Obiye2A
7Mr. Frerick S. Mang’ongo2B
8Mr. Bonventure Isoso2G
9Mr. Hanningtone Ombuge2R
10Mr. Peter S. Mudogo2W
11Mr. Charles Nandwa3A
12Mr. Francis Luchivya3B
13Mrs leah Omondi3G
14Mr. Joab Sore3R
15Pastor Teddy Kisivuli3W
16Mr. Wycliffe shivachi4A
17Mr. Theophillion Kidada4B
18Mr. Joseph Serem4G
19Ms. Irene Chibole Namenga4R
20Mr. Zadock Onyino4W
21Mrs Vivian OtangaTr.rep
22Mr.Kenneth MuhanjiTr.rep
23Mr. Julius ChisienyaD/pr.
24Mr. Anyembe MakoloS/M
25Mr. Aliva LuvasoPrincipal.



 PTA Chairman

Dr. Edwin Anjila

Former PTA Chairman

2008 -2011 

I am delighted to participate together with the team of stakeholders of Musingu High School in the development of the website.

The website has outlined the blueprint for Musingu High School to progressively develop and implement relevant institutional programmers for continued growth.
As parents and teachers of Musingu High School our main objective is to achieve high academic excellence accompanied by high values of discipline, hard work, honesty, team work, attention to detail and assertiveness. The website shall attempt to achieve these noble objectives so that we can have an all round learner and, therefore, a better society.
The role of parents as a pillar of resource mobilization and a major stakeholder has been clearly outlined for their effective participation at various levels.

The website will meet targets and improve performance index in resource mobilization, utilization, accountability and responsibility at all levels of institutional administration and governance.
To achieve our desired goals, we intend to;
-Involve all the relevant stakeholders
-Adequately utilize and improve on existing regulatory framework and in-corporate acceptable best practices
-Progressively modernize existing institutional infrastructure by appropriate utilization of available resources for the   benefit of students and staff.
-Empower institutional personnel at all levels by ensuring continuous training, infrastructure improvement (Equipment, housing, work space, environment) and a supportive administration.
-Develop and implement strategic alliances and networks at all levels to realize our objectives.

On behalf of all the parents and teachers, I wish to thank the school for the installation of a website.

Dr. Edwin Anjila  
P.T.A Chairman

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