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The deputy principal’s office is responsible for instilling discipline in students. This is done in conjunction with the class teachers, house masters/misters, subject teachers and the guidance and counseling department. The students’ council also play a major role in enhancing discipline in the students on behalf of the office.Musingu High School generally is self-driven by a passion for perfection. The school has its set rules and regulations that govern individual students conduct as well as inter-personal relationship between the students, staff members, the school community and stakeholders.    The School encourages and rewards self-discipline where students work without much supervision. Doing the right thing at the right time and at the right place sums up self-discipline. It is this self-discipline that has enabled our school to shine academically and in co-curricular activities. Peer enforced discipline plays an important role in our school. Students guide and counsel
those who may not be towing the line. This is especially through the student leaders who form a hierarchy which ensures free flow of communication between the administration and the students.
Discipline therefore is everybody’s responsibility with each student being a brother’s keeper. My
office however invites parents and guardians to sort out indiscipline cases that impede on the academic performance of the students and hermonial co-existence. This is especially when a student lacks self-drive and self-sacrifice.
It is important to note that being in school means denying oneself comforts and pleasures found
at home for the sake of academics.

All in all we are clear of our mission,
To equip the learners with knowledge, skills and values through teaching, training and provision of appropriate resources 




Mr. Charles Kokonya

D/Principal - 2011 to 2012


Mr. Stanley Avudiku


2008 - 2012

It has always been my wish to have an ideal school; a school that is complete, a school where  students do not feel neglected, a school where everyone knows what he needs and all members of the community know the right thing to do and how to do the same.

To attain levels of such a school, one key element has to be focused upon: the student’s ability to keep a high level of discipline. Over the past three years we have achieved a lot as a school in terms of discipline and performance. We have tried to eliminate some unnecessary hooliganism, carelessness in study habits; don’t care attitude and generally a lack of focus in many of our students. We still have challenges: truancy, dirty dressing, low speed of movement and occasionally, sleepy students in class.

But most importantly, we can achieve this envisaged ideal school, we all dream of, if efforts are deliberately made to address these few failings in our system. I am aware of other threats such as ethnicity, hostile politics, detractors and mistrust but it is quite amazing to just remember more often than not that Musingu has a huge potential we can unlock this potential through disciplined unity. We must therefore eliminate smelly students who do not bathe, solidarity in wrong doing, covering up or tolerating or encouraging those non-focused students who distract us and who still exist in our midst.

If in our minds, we set out to achieve this, then the school of our choice will become what we want; a place to be, a fruitful institution, a way to success and an ideal school.  May God bless Musingu.

M’mbaha .S. Avudiku
Deputy Principal.

2008 - 2012






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