In the recent past, technology has been rapidly changing and expanding in every field and  has changed our lives completely in good way. In the field of education, technology has shaped pedagogy, or the art of teaching. A worldwide research has shown that ICT can lead to improved student learning and better teaching methods. Increase in student exposure to educational ICT though curriculum intergration has a significant and a positive impact on student achievement, especially in terms of knowledge comprehension, practical skills and presentation skills in subject areas such as sciences and mathematics. In the year 2010, the Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education - Economic stimulus programme funded the ICT project in the school.

The  ICT facility has 11 networked computers, LCD projector, a digital camera, scanner, a laptop and connetion to the internet. ICT Department has focused on improving the teaching of mathematics and science subjects and delivery of other technological services. Teachers use the ICT facility to:-

·         Create and suppliment their lessons in exciting ways to enhance content delivery and quality of teaching and learning. For example hyperlinking lesson presentation with a video and incorporating pictures    &   diagrams into lessons with the assistance of presentation softwares such as microsoft powerpoint.

·         Review their instructional materials and lesson notes

·         Update schemes of work

·         Setting of internal exams from the materials that are availabe in soft copy across all subjects.

·         Carry out research and download teaching materials such as videos, notes, pictures and other reference materials to enhace their teaching.

·         Typing various departmental reports and minutes


ICT has also enhanced professional development. Teacher refresher programs facilitate improvements in their beliefs and intentions regarding intergrating technology into instruction. Teachers refresh themselves on how to plan, create and deliver instruction within a tecnological setting. The school library has a special role in research. Nevertheless, the exposition of the information available online has changed the way research is done. A lot of information is availabe online and occasionally, students are allowed to use the ICT to carry out research and to familiarize themselves with the technologial advancement. The students carry out research epsecially as they prepare for Science Fair competitions. One downside to the availability of information however is the trouble it can to separate the good data from the bad when students do research online but this is sufficiently taken care of.  Additionally, Encyclopedias and other learning softwares are also availabe for students. 

The ICT office in Musingu High school offers other services including:-

·         Making powerpoint presentations for the release of examination results and some parents meetings.

·         Developing and production of  student identification cards.

·         Assisting students during University online application through Joint Admission Board.

·         KCSE online registration.

·         KCSE online submission of project marks.

·         Downloading latest communications from government offices e.g.  KNEC, JAB, MOE, TSC etc.

·         Update the school website.

·         Retrieving and directing Email communications to relevant offices and individuals.

·         SMS communications to parents.

·         Making newsletters and other internal report booklets.

·         Updsating the school facebook.

·         Organising annual scholol magazine

·         Updating viruse malware in departmental computers.

·         Sourcing for latesnt advancements in IT and advising the school management about the same.


The school is embracing technology in all departments. The mode of communication, management and other service delivery has continued to improve as a result of technological advancement. For instance:-

1.      The school has an operational email address (musinguhigh@yahoo.com). Whenever an email is sent, it takes a very short time to be retrieved and directed to the concerned office or individual.

2.      The school website (www.musinguhigh.com) is fully operational and has a lot of information about the school. The website is updated regularly with the latest news in school, exam results are normally posted here as well as holiday assignments for students when schools close. It is worth notting that students from other schools also make use of our website to download the holiday assignments to keep them bussy during holidays.

3.      The school mobile phone number 0721 782 368 and telkom fixed wireless 020 2529512 for official communication.

4.      The school has acquired softwares for to assist in various offices such as:

·         Digital timetable software

·         Accouts and electronic receipt software

·         Library software to monitor books in the school library

·         Examination software o analyze examination results and produce reports

·         SMS software for communications with parents and staff Additionally, the school has the following facilities that conforms to technology:

·         Computers & Networking system for management offices i.e Principal’s office, burser, accounts, stores and timetable

·         Departmental laptops each for Physics, chemistry, biology, mathematics, deputy, senior teacher, secretaries and computer labs

·         Departmental dektop computers for Humanities, kiswahili, games

·         Two Computer labs for students

·         Photocopy machine

·         Intercom facility in all offices

·         Photoprinting machines The school is in the process of acquiring

·         SMS system to be used to send exam results to parents whenever exams are analysed and released

·         Installation of  wi-fi internet access

Technology is transforming the education sector today and and it will continue to do so tomorrow. 









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