BRAVO!!! Scouting is a voluntary non-political educational move- ment for young people, open to all without distinction of origin, race or creed in accordance with purpose, prin- ciples and methods as convinced by the founder (Lord Baden Powell) As a group of 30, we are able to follow the simple rules of scouting as expected by the scouts Association of Kenya. We, the Bishop Sulumeti troupe, River
Nile patrol (Mwamba) participate in different occasions both in school and outside. These include: Going for camp- ing and competing with different patrols from different troupes. Going for the National holidays at the Bukhungu stadi- um, participating in different run off, go- ing for Hiking with different troupe from Kakamega central, we also show of our drilling skills around the Kakamega town, amongst others.
‘ Look Wide” the Mamba motto says, from the point go, we have tried to look up to this motto and we make different things and sell them during educational days and school occasion to students, parents, teachers and workers. These include candle holders, curtain holders, pen and brush holders and flower hold- ers from bamboo. Without forgetting the Masaics and photo frames made using egg shells on wood frames and paint to decorate them. KUDOS!!  To all scouts and remember the “always be ready” slogan!!! Believe in yourselves. We owe all our pride and achievements to our principal and in patron (Madam Lungwa) to be pre- cise. Our troupe is one of the Best and we believe we can defeat even the un- thinkable!!! Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!!!

Patrol Leader (PL): Inzianie Dionesiah Scout.

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