In name of Allah, the most gracious and the most merciful. We honour our gratitude to Allah for the far he has taken us as a community. We also honour our gratitude to the school administration for recognizing and supporting us. Despite our low population of 14  members, the school  has enabled us to live in a peaceful co-existence amongst ourselves and other students. As we are driven by the principle “Al-Muslim, akhul Muslim” (a Muslim is a brother to fellow Muslim) and that’s
what strengthens our unity as a society. We also acknowledge the efforts of our former patron Mr. Avudiku who firmly supported us despite him being a Chris- tian. Our current patron now is Mr. Chisienya Julius.  We hope he will also support us to endure our short life in Musingu

Complied by Chairman Mohammed Shaffy (404A)  2013

Fees Structure


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