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Truly, I feel honoured and would most sincerely wish to express my heart self-gratitude to the Musingu community for electing me as the chairman student's council of Musingu 2012-2013. It was encouraging when stu- dents broke in to a rapturous applaud af- ter my appointment as a sign of approval. As the chairman student's council, I must say the students of Musingu are with no doubt the answer to the problem of this generation. I must acknowledge that over a few months, that I have taken our lead- ership, there has been observed a good relationship between student's and mem- bers of the student's council and this has really helped in the smooth running of the school. In addition there is mutual responsibility of both students and mem-
bers of the council. It is a plain truth in every turn of our life, history or even the mountain of evidence from which all is derived the solemn truth is that Musingu is a school that natures future leaders. To the students my intention even as I congratulate you, is tell you that yet we have a lot to conquer in our midst 10.5 Let us recall therefore that even av- erage person with average talent or even education can outstrip. The most brilliant, genius in our society today if that person has focused and clears goals, this can only happen with discipline, hard work and clear conscience. Discipline is a received with success. Yes, let us come together and enhance to- gether wisdom justice and peace amidst of us. The principal's talks are the most amazing, let's us therefore embrace it. We live in a world that values consistency in character, excellence, education, sports and talents and therefore the choices we make, the friends we keep and how we spend our time will surely affect our fu- ture. I have a dream, a vision, a dream that pre- decessor of a school with high sense of maturity and sensible attitude, respectful, supportive and above all obliging. a school whose unity is interminable. A God fear-
ing school and a school where students are disciplined and committed to excel academically and in sports. Thanks a lot for the support, the co-co- ordinators have shown, I believe that as a human being this is most honourable one can ever give to you, I would like to thank the deputy principal, Mr. Chisienya for his utmost support and guidance he has given to us, he is surely a gentleman who is go- ing to see Musingu to greater heights Finally I must say that blessed is Musingu for they are privileged to have Mr. Aliva as their principal. May the almighty God wacthover Musingu forever

By Otieno Emmanuel Ouma

Chairman of student's council 4R






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