Slogan “I know yes indeed we can”

It give me great pleasure and pride to welcome you to our school website. As boarding, we place our students at the center of everything we do. We believe in our ability to create socially and fully responsible members of the society. All students are encouraged and expected to develop and maintain high standards of cleanliness, positive work habits and ensure excellence throughout their school life. We appreciate all those parents and guardians who have been open enough to tell us more about their family backgrounds. This has made our work as foster parents very easy. We value all the support and contribution of all parents and guardians to the department. Regular visits to the school will make your son work smart and shake off the past and walk in the present as they prepare for their future.




House It is pleasure to write about my house. As the name Shirikisho clearly depicts co- operation and participation of very member in its affairs. It is located in western side of the school and has a population of 125 students. It is the most hospitable house in the school and has natured many successive students in Musingu. One of them being the school principal, Mr. Aliva and other teachers like Mr. Mukuvi. The house is rated as the most disciplined and most peaceful house. It is God fearing house thus producing Christian union vice chairman and the secretary and also the Y. C.S chairman. Shirikisho remains to retain outstanding position.

Housemasters: Alfred Mbati Mr. Muhanji,

Coordinator –Musoga Elvis

Ass coordinator- Litali Humphry.



 is a unique dorm situated in the far west near teacher’s quarters. So far so good, it is the most outstanding house ever. It can accommodate 130 students having twelve squares. Moreover, it is the cleanest dormi- tory, thanks to the member’s co-operation. In the whole school, it has received many rewards from the housemaster, Mr. Alfayo Mukhove and also the school administration due being the cleanest house, disciplined and winning various inter house competitions. Members are well organized and co-oper- ative at time. Waswa Philip is the current house councilor and Mutai .C. Rodgers as the current house co-ordinator. It has produced so many well-known stu- dents. The famous Ratemo. famous Opella, Onemus and Ouma Emmanuel. All having to represent the students prefectsand school’s student councils boards.  On behalf of house members. I say “we are proud of our house, what about you?” free advice, fear the lord. Be blessed By Philip Waswa, house Councilor and Mutai Rodgers the house coodrdinator.


As a house we are going on well with the new power and strategy of the new coordinators from the former Captain Okaal Timothy and his assistant Shivonje Felix. This is one of the oldest house in the school though among the most decent. T he house has wonderful, respectful, able , obeying and god fearing students. A house of substance producing great students and great people in the society. “ In Jamhuri we believe, Jamhuri our house of choice” Compilled by House Coordinator Isaac Muhande 3B Counsellor Ibrahim 3W



Harambee, harambee tuimbe pamoja!!... Yah! On behalf of the Harambee house members, I take this chance to thank the adminis- tration for the support they give us so that we can achieve our goals. “HARAMBEE” means joining with others (togetherness) to overcome a difficult task and become success- ful. As a house and as a team we were able to be the runners up in inter –house football competitions and also the runners up in the inter- house drama competition last year. We were also able to secure an award for being the best hardwork- ing house in cleanliness. We are really doing our level best and by the end of this year we shall join hands together in celebrating the Academic party. Through our unity and hard work with the grace of the lord our God we hope we shall make it. Thank you and may God bless you Matchez members. All me in con- clusion to appreciate our former House captain Brian Amugune 4South. By House Captain Kevin Shiango 3East.
Taifa  House family


Uhuru House

Uhuru!Uhuru.Just as the name  sounds .It is the  most coolest  dorm in the compound.This is where people  live and intereact frely.It is a house that  ac- commodates almost 100 students.It is  commonly  known as GHETTO, it is the best  place to bebe- cause we know that old is gold.Its always above the in the terms of accademics an cleanliness.truly it is a digital house with digital members  and adigital house master Mr. Oloo paradise is thi ghetto ghetto for life.                                                                                                       Governed by Tadzi Stower ReubenMashia                                                                                                                               Job Mulokha_Captain



is one of the recognized dorm in the school .Here it comes by the name Mashujaa meaning the dorm fourth great ,focused and ‘cool’ students who are deter- mined to achieve best for the school and themselves for better future. In terms cleanliness the students promote their motto: Fresh Environment, fresh minds. As they vowed never to go against it, but ensure it reigns till fourth. Also Mashujaa has produced students of quality who have ensured the country goes on its smooth way. In terms of; We stand together as one , is the word that it is said uttered in the dorm as the students have ensured there is love among themselves as they say; If you haven’t loved you haven’t lived During the interdorms competition, Mashujaa managed position two after the first hence has produced players who played for the school in various sports like ,rugby and football.Mashujaa is the dorm of choice.

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