Form one 2017 Requirements


Download a printable copy of requirements here ---> FORM 1 2017 REQUIREMENTS

 Download a printable copy of fees structure here --> FEES STRUCTURE 2017




You will be required to report with:-

1. Full school fees for term one (see the attached sheet/fee structure)

2. A pillow, 2 blankets and a pair of sheets (light blue).

3. Ten litre metal bucket, a spoon, fork and a mug.

4. Original and photocopy of your primary school leaving certificate, KCPE result slip & birth certificate.

5. Completed personal information record sheet and medical record form filled by a doctor in a government hospital.

6. A pair of white rubber shoes for P.E. and games, 1 pair of black leather shoes, laced and low heeled for daily use.

7. The Revised Standard Version Bible.

8. A bath towel.

9. Five pieces of toilet soap, five rolls of toilet papers, at least 3 bars of   washing soap.

10. Eight (8) spring files bearing your names and postal address.

11. The following academic tools:-

(a) Kamusi Elezi ya Kiswahili

(b) Advanced Learners Dictionary (Latest edition).

(c) Oxford Mathematics Set,

(d) Four-Figure Mathematical Table by KNEC (latest edition.)

(e) 30cm transparent ruler, 

(f) Six biro pens, at least three pencils and a rubber

(g) A stop watch.

12.Two coloured passport size  photographs recently taken.

13.Golden bell hymn book.

14. A mosquito net.

15.  A black belt with a small buckle.

16.  A 4” mattress.

17.  Full school uniform:-


(a)    1 pair light blue short sleeved shirts with the school badge

(b)   1 pair of grey trousers

(c)    1 T-shirt and short for games

(d)   1 green tie with school log.

(e)    1 grey short sleeved sweater with the school log

(f)    1 grey long sleeved sweater

(g)   1 pair of grey socks with blue stripes






Fees Structure


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